Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Sun Rises for JRuby

Yeah, this is old news by now: the two core JRuby developers have been hired by Sun to work full-time on JRuby.

Still, I'm posting about this because I'm happy it, as a lover of both Java and Ruby (though, admittedly, I've done almost nothing with JRuby itself yet). But I'm also happy about it because it strengthens one of the rising stars in the "multiple languages on the JVM" world, and that strengthens Java as a platform (very similar in effect, of course, to the multiple language support of the .NET CLR).

I also think it is great that these guys get to focus on their pet project - and get paid to do it! Congrats on that!

In terms of Vendor interest in Ruby and/or Rails, apparently Adobe developers are making Flex Rails-friendly.


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